Twilight Eclipse

Twilight Eclipse

Twilight Eclipse
Stephenie Meyer

Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 1. ULTIMATUM

Bella, I don’t know why you’re making Charlie carry notes to Billy like we’re in second grade — if I wanted to talk to you I would answer the You made the choice here, okay? You can’t have it both ways when What part of ‘mortal enemies’ is too complicated for you to Look... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 2. EVASION

I FELT ODDLY BUOYANT AS I WALKED FROM SPANISH toward the cafeteria, and it wasn’t just because I was holding hands with the most perfect person on the planet, though that was certainly part of it. Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 3. MOTIVES

THE SUN WAS SO DEEPLY BURIED BEHIND THE CLOUDS that there was no way to tell if it had set or not. After the long flight — chasing the sun westward so that it seemed unmoving in the sky — it was especially disorienting; time seemed oddly variable.  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 4. NATURE

I WAS HAVING A BAD WEEK. I knew that essentially nothing had changed. Okay, so Victoria had not given up, but had I ever dreamed for one moment that she had? Her reappearance had only confirmed what I’d already known. No reason for fresh panic. Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 5. IMPRINT

“ARE YOU OKAY, JAKE? CHARLIE SAID YOU WERE HAVINGa hard time. . . . Isn’t it getting any better?” His warm hand curled around mine. “’S not so bad,” he said, but he wouldn’t meet my eyes. He walked slowly back to the driftwood bench, staring at the... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 6. SWITZERLAND

ASI DROVE HOME , I WASN’T PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO the road that shimmered wetly in the sun. I was thinking about the flood of information Jacob had shared with me, trying to sort it out, to force it all to make sense. Despite the overload, I felt lighter.  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 7. UNHAPPY ENDING

ROSALIE HESITATED IN THE DOORWAY, HER BREATHTAKing face unsure. “Of course,” I replied, my voice an octave high with surprise. “Come on in.” I sat up, sliding to the end of the sofa to make room. My stomach twisted nervously as the one Cullen... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 8. TEMPER

WE ENDED UP ON THE BEACH AGAIN, WANDERING AIMlessly. Jacob was still full of himself for engineering my escape. “Do you think they’ll come looking for you?” he asked, sounding hopeful. “No.” I was certain about that. “They’re going to be furious... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 9. TARGET

ALICE DROPPED ME OFF IN THE MORNING, IN KEEPING with the slumber party charade. It wouldn’t be long until Edward showed up, officially returning from his “hiking” trip. All of the pretenses were starting to wear on me. I wouldn’t miss this part of being human. Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 10. SCENT

IT WAS ALL VERY CHILDISH. WHY ON EARTH SHOULD Edward have to leave for Jacob to come over? Weren’t we past this kind of immaturity? “It’s not that I feel any personal antagonism toward him, Bella, it’s just easier for both of us,” Edward told me at the door.  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 11. LEGENDS

“ARE YOU GONNA EAT THAT HOT DOG?” PAUL ASKED JAcob, his eyes locked on the last remnant of the huge meal the werewolves had consumed. Jacob leaned back against my knees and toyed with the hot dog he had spitted on a straightened wire hanger... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 12. TIME

“I HAVE FORESEEN . . . ,” ALICE BEGAN IN AN OMINOUStone. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Edward threw an elbow toward her ribs, which she neatly dodged. “Fine,” she grumbled. “Edward is making me do this. Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 13. NEWBORN

“THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND,”Jasper answered in a quiet voice. “Repeated a thousand times.” He laughed a little ruefully and brushed at his arm. “Our venom is the only thing that leaves a scar.” “Why?”I breathed in horror, ... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 14. DECLARATION

“YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS,” I SAID WEDNESDAY AFTERnoon. “You’ve completely lost your mind!” “Say whatever you like about me,” Alice answered. “The party is still on.” I stared at her, my eyes so wide with disbelief it felt like they might fall out and land... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 15. WAGER

I STARED AT HIM FOR A LONG MINUTE, SPEECHLESS. I could not think of one thing to say to him. As he watched my dumbfounded expression, the seriousness left his face. “Okay,” he said, grinning. “That’s all.” “Jake —” It felt like there was something big... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 16. EPOCH

“I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” I MOANED TO MYSELF. Every item of clothing I owned was strewn across my bed; my drawers and closets were bare. I stared into the empty recesses, willing something suitable to appear. My khaki skirt lay over the... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 17. ALLIANCE

“BELLA?” Edward’s soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 18. INSTRUCTION

“THAT HAD TO BE THE LONGEST PARTY IN THE HISTORY of the world,” I complained on the way home. Edward didn’t seem to disagree. “It’s over now,” he said, rubbing my arm soothingly. Because I was the only one who needed soothing.  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 19. SELFISH

EDWARD CARRIED ME HOME IN HIS ARMS, EXPECTINGthat I wouldn’t be able to hang on. I must have fallen asleep on the way. When I woke up, I was in my bed and the dull light coming through my windows slanted in from a strange angle.  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 20. COMPROMISE

EVERYTHING WAS READY. I was packed for my two-day visit with “Alice,” and my bag waited for me on the passenger seat of my truck. I’d given the concert tickets to Angela, Ben, and Mike. Mike was going to take Jessica, Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 21. TRAILS

I HATED TO WASTE ANY PART OF THE NIGHT IN SLEEP, but that was inevitable. The sun was bright outside the window-wall when I woke, with small clouds scuttling too quickly across the sky. The wind rocked the treetops till the whole forest looked as if it was going... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 22. FIRE AND ICE

THE WIND SHOOK THE TENT AGAIN, AND I SHOOK WITH IT. The temperature was dropping. I could feel it through the down bag, through my jacket. I was fully dressed, my hiking boots still laced into place. It didn’t make any difference. How could it be so cold? Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 23. MONSTER

WHEN I WOKE UP IN THE MORNING, IT WAS VERYbright — even inside the tent, the sunlight hurt my eyes. And Iwas sweating, as Jacob had predicted. Jacob was snoring lightly in my ear, his arms still wrapped around me. I pulled my head away from his feverishly... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 24. SNAP DECISION

I LAY FACE DOWN ACROSS THE SLEEPING BAG, WAITING for justice to find me. Maybe an avalanche would bury me here. I wished it would. I never wanted to have to see my face in the mirror again. There was no sound to warn me. Out of nowhere... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 25. MIRROR

I FORCED MY EYES —FROZEN WIDE OPEN WITH SHOCK— to move, so that I could not examine too closely the oval object wrapped in tendrils of shivering, fiery hair. Edward was in motion again. Swift and coolly businesslike, he dismembered the headless corpse. Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 26. ETHICS

THE COUNTER IN ALICE’S BATHROOM WAS COVERED WITHa thousand different products, all claiming to beautify a person’s surface. Since everyone in this house was both perfect and impermeable, I could only assume that she’d bought most... Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Eclipse Chapter 27. NEEDS

I DIDN’T GET VERY FAR BEFORE DRIVING BECAME IMPOSsible. When I couldn’t see anymore, I let my tires find the rough shoulder and rolled slowly to a stop. I slumped over on the seat and allowed the weakness I’d fought in Jacob’s room crush me. Keep Reading..


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