Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 14 Division

It had been only less than an hour since I slid out of Bella’s window and raced through the forest to get
to my home. I had freshened up and changed for school. Funny I had never been eager for school before
but Bella had abruptly changed that. She was changing more than just that though. I signed and shook
off the thoughts.

Alice threw me the keys of my Volvo. As I caught it she gave me a solemn look and put her hands on her
hips. She didn’t have to say anything. Or even think it for me to know what she wanted. I wasn’t yet
rinsed of my blissful mood so instead of answering her and ruining the day before it began; I looked
down and walked towards the back of the house. Rosalie was already at her car. Thankfully her vanity
was my saviour today. All she could think about was whether or not to give her shiny car a once over
before parading it in school today.

Oh not riding with us again, Edward? Emmett asked me.
I turned around to look at him walking into the garage with Jasper close behind him holding Alice‘s hand.
Her face still had the pout firmly in place. I said nothing but my mood was souring pretty quickly. Giving
them all a quick icy look, to silence their judgments, I climbed into my car and backed out of the drive.

My mood started to lift slowly the closer I got to Bella’s house. Closer to having her near me again. A
small part of me still hoped she would decline my invite. Refuse to ride in my car. Reject being next to
me. A small part of me wanted her to keep her distance. To ignore me. But that small part was getting
smaller with each day. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

I parked on the corner of her street and watched Charlie go pass in his cruiser then swiftly pulled into his
spot on the drive.

My eyes focused straight up to her room window. I saw her steal a look through it, faintly hearing her
heart skip half a beat as a lovely blush filled her cheeks. She was obviously hoping that I would be here
again. The same as yesterday. I wondered how long I could continue this bizarre routine with her… This
should end it now. Before it’s too late.

It already is too late. I thought remembering my anger at the similar words she spoke to me the other
night. Half growling to myself I was uneasy now because I couldn’t find that comfortable spot I had been
in just recently. Trying to make right of a very wrong situation with no hope in sight.

I watched her carefully, without making it apparent, as she closed her front door and walked towards the
passenger side of my car. I almost hit the locks and bolted out of her drive but as she got closer I
couldn’t stop her, or rather I didn’t want to stop her, from opening the door and climbing in.

“Good morning” I said through a smile I didn’t even know had formed. “How are you today?” I looked
over her face and remembered how poorly she had slept.

“Good, thank you.” she replied.

Her eyes bright but the circles underneath contradicted them “You look tired” I pushed, hoping to know
more about what had kept her so restless.

“I couldn’t sleep” she said simply without further elaboration. How frustrating this still was. How
frustrating that I would never know. I watched her tuck her long brown hair around her shoulder. Trying
to conceal her neck? Bella was trying to ease my temptation?! I shouldn’t be amused by the thought, but
I couldn’t help it. Slightly disgusted with myself and more so exasperated at her complete off sense of
self preservation I let it go and started the engine instead.

“Neither could I” I replied to her casually

She let out a small laugh as she responded “I guess that’s right. I suppose I slept just a little bit more
than you did”

“I’d wager you did”

Before I could speak again her questions were back “So, what did you do last night?”

“Not a chance.” I interrupted, there was too much I didn’t know about her. And I wanted to know
everything “It’s my day to ask questions”

“Oh that’s right’’ she replied her brow creasing for whatever unknown reason this displeased her “What
do you want to know’’

“What’s your favourite colour” I started off quickly.

She rolled her eyes as if she had expected much worse “It changes from day to day”

“What’s your favourite colour today” I pushed

“Probably brown”

What an odd choice. “Brown?” I mused with doubt in my voice. But before I could even ask why it was
like she read my mind.

“Sure brown is warm. I miss brown. Everything that’s supposed to be brown - tree trunks, rocks, dirt -
it’s covered up with squashy green stuff here” I was staring into her eyes now as I listened. Why did I
question her choice of colour? It was beautiful. Deep. Captivating.
Stop starting at her I scowled at myself.

“You’re right” I composed my thoughts and looked away. “Brown is warm” I concluded out loud.
Instinctively my hand reached over towards her. I wavered for less than half a second before brushing
her hair back behind her shoulders.

She shouldn’t have to worry about my temptations. She shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

As I drove into the school, easily pulling into a parking space, I turned back to look at Bella again. I didn’t
want to have to part and go to class. I wanted her to stay in this car with me. I wanted to look into her
eyes some more. To watch her lips move as she talked. To smell her scent as she played with her hair.

Ignoring the burn that formed now at the back of my throat I knew I didn’t want her away from me for
even a moment. Stop it. I fought with myself again. It’s already gone beyond the realms of sanity, do I
really need to push this any further.No I wouldn’t need to push. That was the problem. This was going to
spin out by itself whether I pulled or pushed.I was bounding out of control and I needed to be reigned
back in.

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Bella belonged in the sunlight. I belonged in the darkness. Where my true self could never seen. Exiled.
The way I stared at her, the way she smelled to me…She should be running from my car right about now.
There just wasn’t, and never will be, any common ground between us. Safer to continue my quizzing.

“What music is in your CD player right now?”

As she mentioned the name of the band I let a half smile reign over my face and my recent thoughts.
The irony was, as always, just on time. I reached into my CD compartment, flipped through the CD’s to
find one in particular. I couldn’t help but feel a little smug at proving myself wrong. No common ground I

“Debussy to this?” I handed Bella a CD. She looked at the cover and recognised it. It was the same CD
she had just mentioned.

The day continued in a lazy, repetitive pattern. But I never bored.

As usual her silent mind gave me no answers so I asked question after question. Revelling in the
fascinating details whilst walking her to her classes, through to the lunch hour. I gathered the kind of
movies she liked. She hadn’t travelled very much but she yearned to explore the world. I asked about
her favourite books. This seemed to enthuse her. She had a lot to say on what a good book should be
like and what she had read. She answered all my questions, mostly with a perplexed uncertainty. Some,
though, made her blush. This would amuse me and I pressed the subject further just so I could watch
the colour in her cheeks deepen. Now I was intrigued as to why a simple question about her favourite
gemstone, which she said was topaz, had reddened her cheeks so quickly. “Tell me” I demanded after
her reluctance to answer.

She looked away from my face and sighed in defeat. Playing with her hair she spoke quietly “It’s the
colour of your eyes today.” She looked anxious as she added “I suppose if you asked me in two weeks I’d
say onyx”

Brushing it off completely, before I started to get irritated at her close observations, I resumed with the
next question. “What kind of flowers do you prefer?” She seemed just as pleased for the subject change.

My quizzing paused in Biology as Mr Banner had decided to finish the video we were watching on
Photosynthesis. I discreetly slid my chair a little further away from Bella in anticipation of that strange
electricity that seemed to intensify in the darkened room.

It didn’t help. At all.

I watched Bella in the dark as she leaned forward on the table resting her chin in her folded arms. I
started at her face for a long moment before my eyes wandered over her hair noticing her hands
clenched over the table’s edge just like mine. No common ground I thought again without humour. The
hour dragged on the same as before and same as before I had the urge to reach over and touch her soft
skin, to feel the warmth of her hand in mine. Several times I almost did but stopped myself. I knew that
it would open a flood gate. But nothing was stopping me from making mistake after mistake. As the
video ended and the lights were back on, I stood and was about to walk out the door and never look back
but my feet refused to move. I was frozen on the spot. I realised now that it was not about if I would
walk away from Bella. It was about if I could.

And in this moment, it was clear, I could not.

As I walked Bella to her gym class in silence I folded into myself. I had no will left. Every ounce of energy
I was putting into keeping my distance from her was futile. She was the center of every thought I had
now. How could I escape that? We stopped in front off the gym I reached out, with no second thought or
any hesitancy, and touched her face with the back of my hand. The fire never ceased to shock me.

I turned without a word and walked to Spanish. Emmett was waiting for me, leaning against a wall
outside of class.

Hey kid, you look a ton better than this morning. He assumed

“Thanks” I mumbled quietly. I didn’t know how to respond to the word better. We settled into class. I
began to rummage through the minds of Bella’s classmates and teacher. Trying every angle to get a
better view of her face. That boy Newton was still in a hostile mood towards Bella. This annoyed me
greatly mostly because his hostility was misplaced. I wanted nothing more than to go over there and
snap his frail racket holding arm…

Hey Edward what’s wrong. I looked at Emmett and I realised I was almost out of my seat.

“Nothing” I whispered climbing back in. Then I signed quietly. How long was I going to keep this muted
barrier up against my siblings? “It’s Mike Newton” I added “He’s really beginning to bother me”
Emmett didn’t think anything more on that. And I listened to his thoughts coming out with a dozen
reasons and conclusions to this ‘mess’ as he called it.

Class was finally over and I gave Emmett a defeated look and hurried to the gym. To Bella.

A wide smile spread across her face and she sighed quietly to herself. I smiled back just as wide and

I didn’t allow too long of a silence before my questions began. This time I wanted the whys and hows of
her answers. I wanted to know about her life before Forks. Before me. Although that wasn’t a pleasant
thought it was as if I was trying to compensate for not being able to see into her mind. The first
raindrops started to give way to heavier ones as we sat in front of her father’s house for hours while she
told me every scene, every scent and every detail from her life in Phoenix. I noticed the time as she
finished off the description of her old messy room.

“Are you finished” She asked at my silence.

“Not even close - but your father will be home soon”

“Charlie!” She said loudly, as if she had forgotten where we were. “How late is it” her eyes widened
slightly as they found the clock.

“It’s twilight” I said mostly to myself. I looked across the horizon as I wondered whether to continue that
sentence. I looked back at Bella, she was staring at me like she knew there was more “It’s the safest
time of day for us” I caved. “The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way… the end of another day,
the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don’t you think?”

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. Not that you can see them here much” She
answered and I laughed at her continuous findings of faults for Forks. “Charlie will be here in a few
minutes. So, unless you want to tell him you’ll be with me on Saturday…”

“Thanks, but no thanks” She started gathering her books. “So is it my turn tomorrow, then?”

“Certainly not!” I scowled with a smile. “I told you I wasn’t done, didn’t I?”

“What more is there?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow.” I concluded and reached across to open her door. In the midst of hearing her
heart starting to race I heard a car nearing the house and another voice. I had to calm myself from
almost ripping the door handle off.

“Not good” I said quietly

“What is it?” Bella asked a little shocked

I looked at her bewildered expression and said “Another complication”

I let the door fly open and quickly moved away from her. A dark car pulled up on the curb. My control
wasn’t going to last. Bella needed to get inside her house. Now. “Charlie’s round the corner” I said
grimly. She instantly climbed out and into the rain. I glared back at the car and sped out of there without
another word.

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