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Stephanie Meyer


midnight sun

Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 1. First Sight

This was the time of day when I wished I were able to sleep.
High school.Or was purgatory the right word? If there was any way to atone for my sins, this ought to count toward the tally in some measure. The tedium was not something I grew used to; every day seemed more
impossibly monotonous than the last.Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 2. Open Book

I leaned back against the soft snow bank, letting the dry powder reshape itself around my weight. My
skin had cooled to match the air around me, and the tiny pieces of ice felt like velvet under my skin.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 3. Phenomenon

Truly, I was not thirsty, but I decided to hunt again that night. A small ounce of prevention, inadequate
though I knew it to be.

Carlisle came with me; we hadn't been alone together since I'd returned from Denali. As we ran through
the black forest, I heard him thinking about that hasty goodbye last week.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 4. Visions

I went back to school. This was the right thing to do, the most inconspicuous way to behave.

By the end of the day, almost all the other students had returned to class, too. Just Tyler and Bella and a
few others-who were probably using the accident as a chance to ditch-remained absent.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 5. Invitations

High school. Purgatory no longer, it was now purely hell. Torment and fire...yes, I had both.

I was doing everything correctly now. Every "i" dotted, every "t" crossed. No one could complain that I
was shirking my responsibilities.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 6. Blood Type

I followed her all day through other people's eyes, barely aware of my own surroundings.

Not Mike Newton's eyes, because I couldn't stand any more of his offensive fantasies, and not Jessica

Stanley's, because her resentment toward Bella made me angry in a way that was not safe for the petty
girl. Angela Weber was a good choice when her eyes were available; she was kind-her head was an easy
place to be. And then sometimes it was the teachers who provided the best view.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 7. Melody

I had to wait when I got back to school. The final hour wasn't out yet. That was good, because I had
things to think about and I needed the alone time.

Her scent lingered in the car. I kept the windows up, letting it assault me, trying to get used to the feel of
intentionally torching my throat.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 8. Ghost

I did not see much of Jasper's guests for the two sunny days that they were in Forks. I only went home at all so that Esme wouldn't worry. Otherwise, my existence seemed more like that of a specter than a vampire. I hovered, invisible in the shadows, where I could follow the object of my love and obsession where

I could see her and hear her in the minds of the lucky humans who could walk through the
sunlight beside her, sometimes accidentally brushing the back of her hand with their own. She never
reacted to such contact; their hands were just as warm as hers
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 9. Port Angeles

It was too bright for me to drive into town when I got to Port Angeles; the sun was still too high
overhead, and, though my windows were tinted dark, there was no reason to take unnecessary risks.
More unnecessary risks, I should say.

I was certain I would be able to find Jessica's thoughts from a distance-Jessica's thoughts were louder
than Angela's, but once I found the first, I'd be able to hear the second. Then, when the shadows
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 10. Theory

"Can I ask just one more?" she entreated instead of answering my demand.
I was on edge, anxious for the worst. And yet, how tempting it was to prolong this moment. To have
Bella with me, willingly, for just a few seconds longer. I sighed at the dilemma, and then said, "One."

"Well...," she hesitated for a moment, as if deciding which question to voice. "You said you knew I hadn't
gone into the bookstore, and that I had gone south. I was just wondering how you know that."
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 11. Interrogations 

CNN broke the story first.

I was glad it hit the news before I had to leave for school, anxious to hear how the humans would phrase
the account, and what amount of attention it would garner.

Luckily, it was a heavy news day. There was an earthquake in South America and a political kidnapping in
the Middle East. So it ended up only earning a few seconds, a few sentences, and one grainy picture.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 12 Complications

Bella and I walked silently to biology. I was trying to focus myself on the moment, on the girl beside me,
on what was real and solid, on anything that would keep Alice's deceitful, meaningless visions out of my

We passed Angela Weber, lingering on the sidewalk, discussing an assignment with a boy from her
Trigonometry class. I scanned her thoughts perfunctorily, expecting more disappointment, only to be
..  Keep Reading...»


Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 13 Balancing

As I sped down the winding road I knew what lay ahead for me. My home. As the woods thinned out I
knew what I had to face. My family. I’m sure Rosalie had informed them all in her own colourful words of
my recent revelations to this human girl. The human girl that she could never be. The human girl that
had been materialised out of my own personal hell. The human girl that was my punishment for being a
monster. The human girl who’s delectable scent still lingered with me. The human girl… Bella that
actually had accepted the fiend beside her for the entire day. Bella who’s touch had not been a mistake
on my ice cold hands. Bella…
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 14 Division

It had been only less than an hour since I slid out of Bella’s window and raced through the forest to get
to my home. I had freshened up and changed for school. Funny I had never been eager for school before
but Bella had abruptly changed that. She was changing more than just that though. I signed and shook
off the thoughts.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 15 Back and Forth

Billy Black’s thoughts were insulting at the very least. I was seething as much as I was speeding towards
my house. He was positive that I was a danger to Bella.Hah! A danger to Bella, not at that moment. At
that moment I was a danger to him. Had Bella not been there I would have reversed back into his car… I
remembered the look on Billy’s face. And something told me that if Billy had been the one in the drivers
seat instead of his son, he would have done the same thing to the back of my Volvo.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 16. Ready or Not

Elks never seemed to satisfy me, but I didn’t want to go very far. And in the park that was all Alice and I
could find of substance.

She didn’t actually hunt much. Just watched me most of the time. She wasn’t thirsty, just accompanying
me on this very necessary and fruitless trip. Necessary because I couldn’t allow myself to be thirsty
tomorrow even the slightest. And fruitless because no matter how many elks I slayed it would be in vain
the moment Bella’s scent caught up to me again.
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Twilight - Midnight Sun - Chapter 17. Confessions

Bella’s eyes had not faltered from me in the hours that I lay on the soft grass, gazing up through the tall
trees surrounding the meadow. As she sat there, her hands hugging her legs to her chest, I closed my
eyes. I had not expected such a calm reaction. Or such a quiet one. It’s not a good thing I tried to
convince myself, but the elation I felt was almost over powering.
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TashaAnne63 said...

17 is the same as the last half of 16...

The life of Ali said...

O. M. G. ! I want more, hurry up and finish writing the rest of the book steph.

Mae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erica Shaw said...

What about the rest of the book? i loved reading it but some of the writing was together without a space and words in the wrong order but i got the gist easily. Where did you get the book from? OH thank you for putting it online.

dany said...

Posting up this as yet unfinished Midnight Sun book by author Stephenie Meyer is copyright infringement and against the law.

If you delete this post then you know you are "GUILTY"

Others will know it too!

Anonymous said...

WHEN will this book be available for purchase. I'm freakin' dyin' over here....

Peggy said...

She's not writing the rest, this was a rough draft, and someone leaked it and that is why she's not continuing it. She explains it all on her website.

Meranda said...

I wish this book were finished. It only seems right to have Edwards take on things, as Jacob had whole chapters in the last two books. Maybe even a chapter from Alice would be nice. Perspective is always going to differ from one person to the next. So stephanies fear of this book not being so consistant with the original book is absurd. She felt the urge to write this to begin with. Why she is fighting it is up to her. I definately would not let some idiot ruin my vision. Keep writing honey, it's what you do best!

Unknown said...

this book is just perfect....i cannot wait to read the's the first book that presents everything from the man's point of view.Please Mrs. Meyer finish this book.I am your most fanatic fan....i love you and all your characters....

Edz said...

i really hope she finish Midnight sun i find Edwards point of view more interesting and the torments he has to deal personally and with his family. It occurs to me that Edward character is not that perfect and making me lol when he is reading others people mind I mean stephenie is really good. does anyone know where we can write to her? im sure she can finish this if we encourage her. theres no point posting the draft (and making us all to want more) its eating me alive not knowing the rest.

Riyamishra said...

Please finish this book ! I really want to read this - this one is more interesting ! Actually knowing Edward's and Bella's point of view is kind of more interesting ! I want to know what Edward thinks too . . . :'(
Please finish the book ! Please !

Unknown said...

Is robert pattinson going to be edward in the films?

Unknown said...

Waiting for more...... TWILIGHT 😍

Unknown said...

Ya well now its over

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Please complete the book

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